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Have a look at our Pokerstars mobile review

Have a look at our Pokerstars mobile review

Today, almost all major poker rooms and casinos can be played not only from a computer but also from mobile devices. Of course, it is much more convenient to use a mobile application, because mobile devices are almost always at hand, people use them to buy something in stores, call friends, and watch the time. Therefore, it is much more convenient to do this from any place in your country, even in the park, even while working.

In addition, do not forget that now modern technologies do not stand still and phones, as well as the Internet on them, are developing rapidly. And if earlier you could have problems with the Internet connection, now you can play poker even in nature. 

And another advantage is speed. Do you agree that while you turn on your laptop, go into the browser, and enter your username and password, a significant amount of time will pass that could be spent usefully? On the phone, there are no such problems and you can open the application in a matter of seconds. 

And the last advantage is the complete preservation of functionality. Again, if earlier it was only possible to dream about it, now the mobile casino applications is in no way inferior to the website, and in some components even surpasses it.

How to download it?

Download Pokerstars

Pokerstar is the most popular poker room in the world. And the creators have tried to create the most convenient app for the game to satisfy every player. Let’s be honest – they did it. In this article, we would like to highlight some features of the application so that you can decide whether it is worth downloading software to your device. The Pokerstars app for Android and iOS appeared almost ten years ago. We will tell you how to play poker on your phone.

On Android

Poker stars for mobile is currently unavailable on Google Play. You can download the pokerstars installation apk file to your smartphone or tablet directly from the official poker stars website. To do this, click the “download” button on the main page. 

The apk file takes a little more than 100 MB and is called pokerstarsinstall or similarly, depending on the version. Before installing the software, you need to go to “Settings” and allow the installation of applications from unknown sources.

On iOS

Poker fans appreciate the opportunity to play online poker from anywhere. The Pokerstars mobile app for iOS can be a great companion on the road or when you are in public places. The poker room is well—known and very popular for a reason – the quality of the Pokerstars mobile application is far ahead of the competition.

Please note, if you download Pokerstar on an iPhone, then you will need about 10KB per minute to play, so do not use a tariff with a limited amount of traffic and think about what Internet tariff the application will pull. However, we recommend using Wi-Fi networks to connect to the Internet when launching on an iPhone Pokerstar.

The App Store is the simplest method to get Poker stars on your iPhone. To download pokerstars, you only need to make a few clicks and the program will be loaded on your device, allowing you to start playing poker practically instantly.

The software may also be downloaded via iTunes. First, you need to download the Pokerstars app to your iOS device from iTunes, and then sync it via your iPhone or iPad.

You may alternatively go to the mobile edition of the PokerStars website and input your phone number, following which Poker stars will email you a link with instructions on how to install the program.

Another option is to scan the QR code on the Pokerstars website. This code will also redirect you to a page where you can download the Pokerstars app for your iPhone.

Registration process

After installing the pokerstars app, you need to register. To do this, you need to come up with a username and password, enter an email address and choose your country of residence

Registration in the mobile client is fast and intuitive. And in general it is similar to other sites.

How to play?

Player's benefits

You will be able to play poker anywhere you are after registering an account and installing the app on your mobile. When you launch the Pokerstars app, you will be brought to the login page, where you must enter the user’s username and password.

When you enter the lobby, you will see that all Poker stars games are available to you, from microlimits to high roller tables, due to the usage of a single game server for both desktop and mobile clients. In the lobby, you may select whether you want to play cash games, Sit-and-Go tournaments, or multi-table tournaments.

In addition, you can choose whether to play for dollars or euros as well as choose the format of the game you want to join — Unlimited, Limit or Pot-limit Hold’em, as well as Pot-limit or Limit Omaha and Pot-limit or Unlimited Omaha Eight or better. You can also choose a 6-max, full-ring, or heads-up game. But that’s not all — choose the stack size: CAP, 40-100BB, or 100-250BB. Click “Play Now” to start playing immediately at a random table, or select “Show Games” if you want to choose a table yourself.

What you will definitely like when you start the game is that the user interface is very concise and intuitive. The buttons are large and marked, and the betting slider is easy to control.

Player stacks are calculated instantly with any changes, as well as the amount of the pot. The software works very quickly and without flaws, it reacts quickly to user actions. At the top of the screen, you will see buttons with which you can leave the table, access the main menu, and return to the lobby.

The table icons at the top of the screen, which are a preview of the table with your pocket cards, will also be useful. This is especially useful when you are playing at several tables at the same time — this way you can see at which table which cards you have in your hands. In addition, an automatic sound notification will tell you that it’s your turn to move, and a flashing mini-table at the top of the screen will tell you that your action is expected at this table.

On Pokerstar, you can run up to 5 tablets at the same time, and the application works as stably at five tables as at one. Even if this is not the multi-tabling that is possible in a regular client on a personal computer, with a small number of tables it is also convenient. Pokerstars programmers have developed an excellent product to protect their position as a trendsetter of poker trends and have set a high standard for competition that is difficult to beat.


This is another big positive sign of the Pokerstars app. The program is designed very well and it is immediately noticeable that the creators have taken care of the comfort of users. The design itself is very pleasing to the eye and does not bother at all. Also, players can define several parameters to customize their playing space – this feature allows you to individualize the client for poker players and create optimal conditions for the game.

You will be able to use online chat to communicate with other players – a feature that many similar applications lack.

Variety of functions

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this client is that almost all the functions that are available in the PC application are preserved. This, of course, affected the size of the application – you will need to download about 500 MB to start playing Pokerstar through your device.

But all the possibilities are still available, including various poker games: you can play different types of poker, choose a variety of tournaments, choose the number of people at the tables, and the size of bets. Both free tournaments with real prize money and larger series that can last more than 4 hours are available.

In general, users who start playing from their phones lose almost nothing when playing from their devices. And considering that the accounts are synchronized on all devices, you can earn money on poker at any time and replenish your account with new winnings.

The Pokerstars app allows you to play simultaneously on 5 tables. The location of the tables can easily change from horizontal to vertical, it is only necessary to turn the smartphone.

Licensed Pokerstars mobile is equipped with a cash register that allows you to make deposits and withdrawals directly from your phone. In addition, in the mobile version, you can watch tasks, unlock bonuses and track progress in the Stars Rewards loyalty program.

Pokerstars promotions, bonuses, and promo codes

Pokerstars bonuses

Playing Pokerstar for money, making deposits, and participating in tournaments, you can receive bonuses from the website. These can be:

  • extra money to play any kind of poker;
  • free conditional chips;
  • tickets to Spin and Go;
  • and other games.

A list of all current promotions can be found in the eponymous section of the site. Here are listed deposit bonuses and other types of incentives, features of their receipt, and use.

Pokerstars bonuses need to be won back. To do this, the poker player must score a certain number of points. Wagering points can be obtained by paying rake and tournament commissions. As soon as enough points are collected on the bonus account, real money is credited to the Stars balance.

Before adding funds to your account, visit the promotions section and activate the appropriate bonuses using the listed codes. In Pokerstars, the promo code can be applied to your account. To do this, open the “Cashier” or “Deposit” section. In the window that opens, a field for entering star code will appear.


Another big pros is the ability to deposit and withdraw funds directly in the application. Just imagine: you need to make just a few clicks on your mobile phone and the winnings just received in the distribution will already be on your card. Not bad, right?

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Technical support of the Pokerstars mobile

In the modern world, the quality of technical support of the site is becoming increasingly important, because now, with the growth of technology, there are more and more things in which it is easy to get confused.The technical support of the website should help solve these problems. Like any self-respecting large company, Poker stars has its technical support. Dozens of highly qualified specialists will not leave you in the lurch and will help solve any of your problems. This can be added to the company’s positive sign because few sites can boast of really qualified and reliable specialists in this section. In addition, you can go to the Frequently Asked Questions section and try to find an answer to your question there.

Final verdict on Pokerstars mobile

In conclusion, it can be noted that the Pokerstars company has excellent applications for both Android users and iOS users. These applications are in no way inferior to the computer version, reliably performing their functions. Among the advantages, we noted a convenient and beautiful design, convenient loading, various application functions, and reliable technical support, which will be happy to answer any of your questions.

In general, the Pokerstars app is one of the best on the market. This is one of the best mobile applications for playing poker, as well as just for relaxing after exhausting work.Try it yourself and you will see it! The only thing we would like to add is that Pokerstars is worth using. We wish you all the best and good luck in future games!