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Fastest payout online casinos in New Zealand

Fastest payout online casinos in New Zealand

In the age of modern technology, one of the most important qualities in modern mobile casinos is the speed of withdrawal of prizes. We agree that this indicator, along with reliability and diversity, is one of the main qualities that determine the rating of a casino. Your attention will be presented with a list of 3 best payout online casinos for New Zealanders.

Fast payout casinos are still good if you play not only in an online casino but also, for example, in betting companies, so you can quickly transfer your finances between different sites or sections of the same site, in which both the casino and betting are available.

All of the fast payout casinos from our list received a rating based on the quality of service, design, and other factors. And the most important role is played by the speed with which the earned prizes are withdrawn. In this list, there are only those platforms in which you do not have to languish with expectations, and you can get all of your earnings in record time.

What determines the speed of casino payouts?

Payout speed

Considering the rating of online casinos with quick payouts, it is necessary to pay attention to the factors affecting the speed of the process:

  • verification – if it is passed, i.e. the identity of the player is previously confirmed, the funds will be withdrawn immediately, otherwise, you will have to spend some time checking your passport, bank card, and other documents;
  • the workload of the employees of the department responsible for financial issues, which often leads to an increase in the processing time of applications, especially in the evenings and on weekends;
  • the chosen payment method, money often comes with a delay to bank cards, the site administration can not influence the process in any way, it’s just the specifics of transactions;
  • the amount is shown in the application, if it is large, the finance department will need additional time to process the payment or arrange a payment calendar in parts.

Practice shows that popular casinos offer a variety of withdrawal options and a high speed of operations.

Which payment systems have the fastest withdrawal of money from the casino?

Considering an online casino with the instant withdrawal of funds, it is necessary to understand which options are the fastest. Payouts take much less time if the user has chosen bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, ripple, etc. as the method.

Bank cards and transfers

These systems assume a long wait for the user to process transactions, and the casino administration cannot influence them. The time of transferring money to the specified details depends on several factors:

  • the degree of utilization of the main resource;
  • current status of the payment system rules;
  • the nature of the relationship and interrelationships between the casino and the PS;
  • withdrawal amount.

With this method, you can get a real and honest win, but you may have to wait a little bit longer.


This is the easiest way and the fastest way to receive funds. You can transfer money to any digital wallet, spending no more than half an hour waiting. In 2022, more and more transactions are made in cryptocurrency and more and more well-known online casino sites are introducing various types of cryptocurrencies to their platforms. It becomes much more convenient to make various transactions using cryptocurrency than even with a bank card. We advise you also to launch a wallet in one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, so as not to wait long and collect your prizes as soon as possible.

3 Fastest payout online casinos for Zealanders 

Fastest payouts

The list of payout options is usually updated every year, so it is recommended to check them regularly, because many companies are constantly improving their functions, including the withdrawal of funds. And the companies that are on our list can both improve their numbers and drop to lower places due to the successful development of other online casinos.


One of the best sites for playing online casinos for Zealanders is 22Bet. Withdrawal of funds is carried out in just 12 hours! During this time, the company manages to verify the authenticity of your account, as well as that the winnings were obtained legally. 22Bеt supports all modern withdrawal methods from MasterCard and Visa to various cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it is worth noting that by using cryptocurrency, your winnings will come even faster and you will be able to use this money at your will. So the availability of fast payouts of such a well-known and reliable company as 22Bet is an absolute advantage that sets it apart from other similar online casinos. And along with impressive bonuses and a variety of games, this all makes 22Bet one of the best fast payout online casino sites for New Zealanders.

Jackpot City Casino

This is another major online casino that has never failed its customers. The withdrawal of funds in JackpotCity Casino is carried out literally in a day. According to the administration, this is how much it takes on average to complete the verification of the winner’s account, carried out in several stages. The company also provides its users with a huge selection of methods for depositing and withdrawing the balance. The New Zealand dollar is available as a currency on the site, so it is obvious that players from New Zealand are welcome guests on this service. To resolve all disagreements, this online casino has a first-class technical support system, which, be sure, will answer any of your questions or difficulties. Considering all this, you will not regret trying to play at a fast payout online casino on the Jackpot City Casino website.

Betway Casino

And the last on our list, is a company that is better known as a bookmaker, but is also actively developing in the area of online casinos. A site user from New Zealand has an extensive list of ways to withdraw earned funds. From bank payment systems to cryptocurrencies. Winnings are paid out in less than a day. This casino is one of the most reliable for players from New Zealand. The casino itself has two gambling licenses, one from the UK Gambling Commission and the other from the Malta Gaming Authority license. Having a long experience, the casino is successfully improving, adding more and more new games, including the level of technical support that does not stand still. The company is constantly coming up with different functions to make the time spent on the site as easy as possible for its players. So, considering all of this  we want to name Betway Casino one of the best fast payout online casinos for Zealanders.

What else should be considered when choosing?

  • Age. If a platform has existed for a long time and does not change its name, owner, or platform, then it can be considered conscientious and verified. And, conversely, the minimum age, regular updates of the name, merging with other casinos — all this does not benefit the reputation.
  • Reliability. It is believed that this parameter is calculated based on the percentage of payments. Simple rule: the higher the return, the higher the reliability of the online casino. At the moment, there are a huge number of sites that are engaged in compiling online casino ratings. Do not pass them by, but take a minute of your time to be sure in the future that you have made the right choice in favor of a proven online casino.
  • Safety. Documents such as a certificate and a license can tell about a high level of safety measures. If the state has issued such documents, it means that it has imposed an obligation to ensure high-quality encoding and encryption of the personal data of each player. In this case, information about all financial transactions will not be transferred to third parties. 
  • Ensuring a constructive dialogue between the participants and the administration. If the gaming platform has several feedback options at once (for example, a pop-up window, contact numbers, mail, and chats), then you can trust it. If during registration the platform requests an up-to-date mobile phone number and e-mail, then there is no doubt that the quality of feedback will be at a very high level. And for the player, this means an almost instantaneous rate of getting answers to all his applications and controversial questions.
  • It is worth paying attention to the interface: the easier navigation, account management, and options are, the better the functionality.


What is the best way to withdraw money?

The fastest is an electronic wallet and cryptocurrencies. The safest one is a bank card and a transfer.

Where can I see what deposit and withdrawal methods the casino uses?

As a rule, they are presented in the corresponding tab.You should look for this information on the main menu of the online casino you are interested in.

Is it possible to instantly withdraw the bonus received at the casino?

Even if it were possible, it would take the same amount of time as the withdrawal of the won funds on the site. In general, most online casinos use a scheme in which a player cannot immediately withdraw this money, but must play a certain number of games with them.
Do not forget that fast payouts are not the main indicator by which you should evaluate the casino. There are a large number of scammers who can write on their websites that casino is one of the fastest payout online casinos but do not pay the prizes at all!


We think you will agree that in the modern world when we are given a choice to find the best solution, our eyes run away from which way to rush. The gambling sphere is no exception, especially when it comes to the player’s money. We hope that our article was useful to you and will help you choose the most suitable option. We advise you to check these sites yourself and make sure of their honesty and speed of payouts. We wish you good luck and success in your online casino game.