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Bonuses – what are they?

Bonuses – what are they?

What can make your game even more interesting and profitable? Bonuses, of course. You could say that bonuses are a kind of nice gift or reward from the company. They can be in the form of free cash, free spins, bonus points, which are most often given out for high activity on the platform or to celebrate significant events. Either way, bonuses are designed to help casino players increase their chances of winning and earning more money. There are a huge number of them available today, which are designed for both newcomers and active users. And the best part is that you can use the bonus shares not only in the desktop version of the internet casino, but also in the mobile version of the website and in the mobile app. It’s the latter that we’re going to talk about in detail, namely bonuses in mobile casinos.

Basic types of casino bonuses

Bonuses types

Today, every licensed online casino offers players a decent range of bonuses. They can also be activated via a gadget, as the applications of these casinos are almost identical to the functionality of the official website. Regardless of which online casino you prefer for your gaming experience and earning money, bonuses on these platforms usually fall into the following groups:

  • No deposit bonus casino;
  • Deposit bonuses.

It is important to realize that the casino bonus is not just a gift from the company. In order for players to be able to withdraw funds earned with them, it is necessary to meet certain conditions that each bonus has. Let’s talk about what casino rewards are available that can also be used on a mobile phone or tablet.

Bonus offers for mobile casino

As mentioned above, any casino bonuses can also be used in the mobile gadget. There are a large number of them and each online casino offers them with their own specific conditions. The bonuses on different platforms may have their own monetary value, number of free spins and bonus points. But their essence is almost the same. Let’s look into what kind of casino bonuses can be attributed to mobile casinos as too.

Free signup bonus no deposit casino

This bonus is intended for new users. Free signup bonus is available to all players who have successfully created a personal game account. To get it, you do not need to make a deposit, as it is a gift from the company. The amount involved, however, can vary. It all depends on the internal policy of the online gambling establishment. Since this is a gift from the establishment for your registration, you shouldn’t expect the cash amount of the bonus to be large. However, it is still nice to get it. You can use this bonus offer in a mobile casino as well, with no risk to your cash. 

Welcome Bonus

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to bonuses is the welcome bonus. It can be given to absolutely every user who has registered on the platform. Once a player has successfully created their account and made their first deposit, they automatically receive a welcome package from the company. Each online casino’s welcome offer has its own monetary value, bonus percentage and number of free spins. It can also be given on your first deposit and several subsequent deposits. In any case, you can read the terms and conditions of this bonus in your personal cabinet by opening the “Promotions” section. There you will be able to see the wagering conditions, the minimum deposit amount and other information regarding what is the welcome bonus of your chosen online casino. 

No deposit bonuses

This type of bonus gives players the opportunity to play without depositing their personal cash. It’s a great way to get to know the casino, a particular game, learn its features, rules, and see in general what it is all about. Many players consider a no deposit bonus one of the most attractive offers. And that’s not surprising, as there’s no risk whatsoever. Moreover, some of the games that can be played with this bonus give players the opportunity to earn real money. However, you should be aware of the conditions in the no deposit bonuses. For example, they have a certain validity period, a wager, limits, as well as, a small amount. In any case, no deposit bonuses are a definite plus at online casinos, especially since they are also available on mobile gadgets.

Deposit bonus

In the case of the bonus deposit, the reward depends directly on how much money you deposit into your account. In this case, a percentage of your deposit amount is added to what you already have in your gaming account. This offer can be in the form of added money, free spins or both. Deposit bonuses can be obtained by players for:

  • First deposit into a gaming account: in this case, the bonus has a higher percentage of accrual.
  • Subsequent deposits: here the reward has a lower percentage accrual.
  • Reload bonus: amount of bonus is not limited to all players in the casino. Its size does not depend on the amount of previously made deposits. 

Deposit bonus will be credited automatically to the player’s account after making a deposit via PC or mobile device. You may use it in full or partially at your discretion. 


When playing gambling, winning a large sum or simply winning is always nice. However, the possibility of losing is also possible for beginners as well as experienced players. In order for players not to get upset if they lose, many online casinos include a bonus such as a cashback. With its help, you can get back some of your lost funds. Each online casino has its own percentage of cashback, the average of which varies from 6 to 20%. The amount of the cashback percentage depends on the following factors:

  • The player’s activity on the platform;
  • His gaming status;
  • The amount of losses;
  • The internal policies of the casino.

Either way, know that if you lose, you haven’t lost all your money staked!


Free spins bonus

Free spins can also be classified as bonuses to some extent. They can be as part of other bonus offers as well as being a gift in their own right. They do not represent a cash reward, but an opportunity for players to spin the reel in the slots for free. If a player earns with the bonus free spins, this winnings will be credited to the user’s gaming account. At the same time, there is no wagering required. 

Loyalty program

The loyalty program implies the issuing of bonuses to players for their activity on the platform. These may range from earning bonus points that can be redeemed for cash, to VIP statuses where players can earn individual bonuses with minimum wagering requirements. In other words, the more you play, the more perks you get. 

High Roller Bonus

At any online casino, there are players who consider themselves professionals. They are the ones who always play big. Such players are called high rollers. When these players play the slots, they always opt for higher value spins. Knowing this, many online casinos have developed special conditions for such players. Namely, increased bonus amount or minimum wagering conditions. High rollers who prefer to play via their mobile gadget can also take advantage of this bonus benefit.

Other bonus offers

These are not the only bonus offers that online casinos have. There are a huge number of bonuses, and we have listed the most popular and sought-after ones. As for other bonuses, they can be as follows:

  • Birthday Bonus. The casino gives you a birthday bonus, which you can use in any games and slots. To get it, you just need to visit the gaming platform on your birthday.
  • Prize Coupons. Players who wager frequently on casino games can receive special coupons with a code from the institution. This code should be entered in a special cashier window. They can be obtained on a variety of occasions, but most often they are given out to celebrate high-profile events in the life of the casino. These bonus codes will give you an extra opportunity to earn more money. 
  • Bonus for downloading an app. Many good online casinos have their own mobile app. You can get a bonus from the company in the form of free spins or cash for downloading the mobile app from the casino’s official website and using it.

How to get and use your bonus on your mobile device

If you’re impressed by the range of bonuses at an online casino, but don’t know how to take advantage of them, then follow our instructions:

  1. Log in to the gaming platform – log in to the online casino through a dedicated mobile app.
  2. Log in to your personal account – enter your username and password to access your personal account. Create an account if you don’t already have one.
  3. Open the bonus offers section – go to the bonus section by clicking on the “Promotions” button.
  4. Select your bonus – from the list presented, select the bonus you are most interested in.
  5. Activate the bonus – read the terms and conditions of the bonus, and if you are sure you can fulfill them, click “Activate”.

Depending on the bonus you choose and its terms, you may or may not be required to make a deposit. And you will be able to see the welcome bonus in your personal cabinet as soon as you make your first deposit. 

Final Verdict

All of these bonuses can be used from your mobile device, as trustworthy, licensed and highly-rated online casinos provide this feature not only through a PC. Players who conduct their gaming activity from a mobile device get a lot of benefits. For example:

  • Receiving a special bonus for downloading the app;
  • Being able to quickly activate and use bonus offers;
  • The ability to easily withdraw winnings earned through bonuses;
  • Ability to receive notifications about new bonuses and casino promotions.

Anyway, players who play via mobile devices get only the best bonus offers from online casinos. Therefore, we recommend that you take a closer look at mobile casino apps, especially since it’s very convenient since you don’t have to be at home to play your favorite slots and use the bonuses to play!