Adventures by Appointment is pleased to announce that we have opened our second escape room? The Scorpion Extraction features devious puzzles and a race against the clock to umask The Red Scorpion, a criminal mastermind. It’s a new and innovative puzzle room, thanks to great work by our creative team: script by Erik Hanberg, directing by Jen York, and production design by Blake York.

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What is The Scorpion Extraction?

You are part of an FBI recovery team getting ready to extract an informant who has been feeding information to the FBI on the dangerous and powerful mob boss known only by the code name Red Scorpion. However, when you and your team arrive, it becomes difficult determining just exactly who is who. Be careful not to side with the wrong person, as it could be a fatal error. Complicating matters is that you are under pressure to beat the clock, as the Scorpions henchmen are on there way and the consequences of their arrival are to be feared.